An ancient and unique healing system, based upon Yoga and Auyervedic practices, it first appeared in the Temples of Thailand more than 2,500 years ago. During each massage, the practiitioner guides the client through a series of poses, while applying acupressure, using thumbing and palming along the body's energy or "Sen" lines. 


To allow ease of movement, both the client and the practitioner wear loose and comfortable clothing, on a mat, on the floor. There is constant body contact, as the client is pulled, stretched, compressed, repositioned, and swayed into various postures. The practitioner uses legs, feet, and hands to massage, position limbs, and rotate the body. 


A comprehensive full body massage that:

* promotes relaxation

* relieves aching muscles

* boosts the immune system as well as mood

* provides a sense of well being

* balances the body energetically

* improves circulation.


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