HEALTH is not a's a Journey

I'm sure you've heard that before...which means it Must be true.

In my practice I take an Holistic approach to Health which includes Nutrition, Personal Relationships, Spirituality, and of course, Movement. 

In your Personal Training journey, your Movement needs and capabilities are assessed and addressed.


benefits of training

what do you get in a session?

*Enhance Muscle 

Tone & Increase 

overall Physical 


*Fat/weight loss

*TRX Suspension


*Pre & Postnatal 

*Animal Flow

*Yoga & Meditation

*Nutrition &      Dietary Support


*Improvements in Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual health

*Clarity of Mind

*Body transformation

*Boost in Self Confidence/ Esteem/Awareness

*Integration of physical fitness into your lifestyle

*Functional movement

*1:1 or small group fitness instruction

*Nutritional guidance as you make dietary changes to meet your goals.

*Initial and regular assessments of progress.

*Individualized plans for your fitness needs/goals.

*Weekly Coaching & Support 

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