Nutritional Services


Below you will find the Nutritional classes, groups and individualized support services that I offer for children, teens and adults.

Intensive: This is designed for the Health Food Enthusiast who needs a quick boost to get back on Track.

1 Consultation - Identifying health needs and patterns

3 Weekly sessions - Addressing current lifestyle behaviors as they relate to health and dietary choices, creating and implementing a plan to make necessary changes.

ReFocus and ReInspire: Designed to support a current healthy lifelstyle with a Reboot of inspiration and focus.

1 Consultation - Identifying health needs and patterns

5 Sessions (2x/Mo.) -InPerson/Skype/FaceTime


* Identify obstacles and Redefine Strengths

* Handouts and Giveaways

Sustainable Package: Designed to get you started on your journey, teach you how to implement skills that you can use for a lifetime. 

1 Consultation - Identifying health needs and patterns

11 Sessions


- Cabinet and Refrigerator Review/Organizing

- Food Shopping Excursion (Grocery Stores and Farmers Markets)

- In Home Culinary Creation for 1-4ppl

         + Assistance making a Meal


         + Personal Chef Service 

- Giveaways and Handouts

- Weekly Phone/Email Support

In addition to Doula Services (a woman who is trained to provide support to women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period of time following the birth), I offer In-Home Nutritional Support.


Together we will:

 - Identify current and past dietary and lifestyle patterns of behavior

 - Learn and Implement 5 Finger Eating 

 - Identify Foods/Beverages according to what you crave/desire, ideal for Optimal Fetal Development

 - Vitamin/Mineral needs

 - Use food and herbs to address negative symptoms that arise during pregnancy and Postpartum.

 - Meal creation support/education



Meal preparation/delivery system so Mama and Baby can focus on bonding, not cooking.

- Mama's assistant, offering counsel and cleaning to allow mama to care for herself and her new baby.

- Breastfeeding support, encouragement and empowerment.

- Baby's First Solid Foods: identify and prepare foods from natural and organic whole foods, to create meals you can be proud of and your little one will love... for now.

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