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No one diet works for everyone, and most times "diets" are a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. Helping to find the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for one person (or family) takes a very individualized approach filled with undivided, nonjudgmental attention to your current state of health and a positive, supportive attitude that encourages you to reach your current and future health goals. 

In my coaching practice, I guide and support you in creating an environment and building habits that will allow you to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Utilizing real world coaching methods, I help you explore major dietary theories with one goal in mind: discovering which approach (or combination of approaches) works best for you. 


Many approaches to nutrition focus on limiting calories, carbs, fats and/or proteins. Rather than giving lists of restrictions and good/bad foods, I encourage my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is manageable, fun and free of deprivation or guilt. I will also assist you in making the step-by-step changes you will need to make a lifelong difference.

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